This week was pretty regular, although we mentally prepared ourselves everyday for the message school would close again. When there are 3 children in a class with Covid19, the entire class is expected to go itno quarantaine at home. We made it through the entire week, though Friday the count was 2. So it would not be surprising if we receive an 8 AM message Y can’t go to school tomorrow.

This week I

  • sent some final invoices for last year, meaning we actually had 1% more turnover in 2021 than 2020. As 2020 was a 18% increase compared to 2019, I am very pleased with that outcome.
  • calculated the bonus that results in for our team. We allocate 10% of all turnover above the budgeted break even point for additional income for our team (excluding myself and other co-owners). Made those payable with the January payroll round.
  • did some bookkeeping for the Open Nederland association I’m treasurer of.
  • approached some network partners to possibly work with one of my clients on a European tender
  • summarised a range of Digital Europe Program calls for proposals and distributed them to people I think might be interested to submt proposals.
  • made some progress with our company’s ‘how busy are we? tracker’, for each us to be better able to balance their week the way works best for them, and for us as a team to have a better handle on when we’re overloaded, running out of time in a project, or not paying enough attention to (internal) projects. The key is not to maximise efforts, but to be able to stay balanced as individuals and as a whole.
  • spent quite a bit of spare time on building my own Micropub client. I have most of what I envisioned at the start working now. I can easily post from my feedreader, as well as from my notes in Obsidian. This posting for instance was written in my notes, and then posted directly to my site. (You can tell, because I changed the numbering in the title from YY#WW to YY-WW, as Obsidian does not accept # in the note titles.
  • bought a new laserprinter for our office, and brought it to the office. While there looked at the neighbour’s office in our building. They will be leaving, and we are contemplating adding their space to ours.
  • had our monthly half day all hands (online) meeting with the team
  • did some paperwork for the Open State Foundation I chair, with stuff to sign etc.
  • Y had a fever Friday evening, but by Saturday morning was fine again. That’s not unusual for 5y olds, but in these pandemic times any occurrence of fever e.g. stands out way more.