In reply to My Personal Micropub Client’s Potential Use Cases by Ton Zijlstra

The four use cases I listed earlier contain two that don’t require anything new I soon realised. Both adding the Micropub logic at the back-end of my previous work to create replies etc. straight form my FreshRSS feedreader, and adding it to a basic form, only require one thing: adding the script that handles the posting to them, by way of an include.

Meaning this reply is generated the way I made possible earlier, and immediately posted now as well. And meaning I now also have a local webform that allows me to quickly jot something down and hit publish.

The other two cases mentioned (moving towards a microsub server and reader, and posting directly from my local markdown text files) do require new logic to be created, which takes more steps. Posting from my own notes is the one I will pick up now first, starting from the work I already did on publishing booklists. There I already have created building blocks that grab the content of my notes and turn them into something for the web.

What such personal and narrow bandwith use cases do I currently see?

  • Add it at the back of hacky script to post things from my FreshRSS reader, so it can post automatically and smoothly
  • Use it to post to this site, while reading feeds using YARNS in another WP instance for which a different access token is used.
  • Have a basic local webform I can fill out and hit publish on.
  • Be able to post directly from one of my notes in Obsidian, meaning I would be able to both write material to post there, or hit publish on an existing note.
  • Ton Zijlstra