Favorited Reverse Engineering Wordle by Robert Reichel

Wordle is all client side. Neat. But the quote below isn’t really true. You don’t need to piece the code together. As long as you have correctly solved the last few day’s and today’s word (highlighted in the image below), the pattern is clear: tomorrow’s is simply the next in the list of words it has. I’ll do you a favor and not disclose tomorrow’s word. 😉

We know that Wordle uses a client-side date-based algorithm to determine which word to use from a static wordlist. Each day is predictable so long as we have all of the code pieced together.

So what is tomorrow’s word?

Robert Reichel

The Wordle word list, showing all the words from today and before. I first did a Wordle when the word was ‘banal’. Today’s word is highlighted in the image, and the next one for tomorrow is hidden.

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