This week I recovered from Covid-19. I mostly kept to myself on the top floor of our home and later in the week also in my home office space. Y went back to school Tuesday after no longer showing symptoms. We went in for an official test on Monday. E continued to test negatively. I of course tested positive and secured my spot in the official statistics. I consider myself recovered now, and as it’s been 14 days since my first symptoms also will be breaking my isolation from today. I do still have a somewhat itchy throat. Breaking isolation from tomorrow means little, as meanwhile lock-down restrictions have been tightened again. The difference is I can leave the house, go to the park and to the shops when needed, but will otherwise be at home as everyone else.

This week I did work, but as I still easily tired, I tried to follow my energy levels. This week saw me

  • Preparing three meetings for a client for the coming two weeks, one with the European Commission, one with all INSPIRE data holders in the Netherlands, and one with a client’s advisory board and board. This was quite a bit of work.
  • Finally receiving a Jabra hybrid meeting microphone I ordered online over three weeks ago. Somehow they never started processing the order, until I complained. Then it shipped within a day. No word of apology of course. Also their order form and feedback form was in Dutch, but then I received automated responses in Italian, French and Spanish, and mails from their support staff in English. The support staff was responsive and helped me well, but if you cannot ensure multilingual support, don’t pretend to!
  • Having the monthly all hands company meeting, in which I presented a small tool to better track how busy we all are. We also announced everyone will get the week between Christmas and New Year off, not counting it against their 25 vacation days. We also took delivery of the ‘New Logic’ upcycled travel bags. I had ordered them through a Kickstarter project in the summer. Then it was unsure we could even travel in the summer, so I ordered everyone bags that were unsure to ever be delivered, as it seemed fitting.
  • Having the weekly client meetings.
  • Attending a half day session on digital twinning
  • Joining a half day work session on a reference architecture for a national digital twin of the built environment.
  • Pruning some shrubs and roses in the garden, removing also what had grown over the roof of our shed. Still a lot of pruning to do in other parts of the garden. The first time I was outside again in 2 weeks (except for getting tested)
  • Doing the digital type of gardening. Fixed where e-book highlights end-up as resource for my notes. Removed Flickr embeds from my blog, now there are just 90 postings still to go (but they all have multiple images, so it’s easily 600 images stil.) I also took the opportunity to further clean up those postings (removing Technorati tags, which stopped functioning in 2014, from the body of the posting e.g.). Made a template with which I can replace Post Kinds check-ins in my blog with a basic form so they no longer use Post Kinds for it (because). Enjoyed making use of my quick-n-dirty posting from Fresh RSS.

Medical waste shipping containers on the parking lot next to the Amersfoort Covid-19 testing station.

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    • Thank you Roland! Yes, both Y and I seem to have weathered it well, no lasting side effects. E fended it off even with us around.

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