Where E took off on her own into Copenhagen last Thursday, today it was my turn. Mostly I just wanted to sit in coffee places and write on some notes, think some things through in more detail, walk around and take in the city, without being interrupted by the questions of our 5yr old that very much likes to ask many questions.

Having chosen a first stop that opened at 9am this morning, I headed out around 8:30 by public transport as rain showers were expected. This let me take the new circle line of the Copenhagen underground network for the first time. It connects the neighbourhoods outside of the city center, which is very useful as you then don’t need to pass through the city center hub and spoke style anymore.

On the M3 circle line

My first stop, Friheden, turned out to be very smelly from last night’s clubbing’s spilled and stale beer, so I quickly moved on to nearby Ricco’s. There I worked for some 90 minutes, keeping an eye on the rain outside.

At Ricco’s coffee place (after posting my friend Peter suggested we had coffee there together once before the Reboot conference, and we indeed did in 2008)

In between rain showers I moved on to another place on Nørrebrogåde where I wrote for another 90 minutes or so, after which the sun broke through. I then walked around Nørrebro in the sun, keeping an eye out for a place to have lunch, walking to the lakes around the city center and back up, passing by the spot I used as an office space when we spent a month here almost a decade ago. After lunch I explored a bit more, then walked over to Forum and took a bus back to our temporary home in Brønshøj.

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