This was our second and final week vacationing in Copenhagen.

We spent a day together in Nørrebro, by bicycle, at the start of the week.

Tuesday we went to Tivoli where we found out that Y thoroughly enjoyed the rides. Meaning that, as she isn’t tall enough yet to go on her own, E and I went on many more rides than we would have on our own. Friday we spent the entire day at Tivoli again, much to Y’s joy. This happened as I accidentally bought two sets of tickets: I had checked the site on Monday evening and left three tickets in the website’s shopping cart as I closed the browser. Tuesday morning I opened a browser window, selected the tickets again, hit buy and then saw after payment that it also included the items left in the cart the day before, which I hadn’t noticed. A mistake that worked out very well for Y.

In between our Tivoli visits we drove up to Humlebæk up the coast north of Copenhagen to visit the ever wonderful Louisiana museum, and had our friend Henriette over for dinner. Both E and I took off for a day on our own as well.

We very much enjoyed the beautiful house we rented for our stay, and the large garden it had, meaning we could be outside on our own premises.

Today we stuffed all our things plus what we acquired while here back into the car and drove back to the Netherlands.