Is there a way to commit stuff from a local folder using GitHub Desktop to a GitHub repository that is not under my account but that I do have admin privileges for? If I try it now, it pushes to a repository under my own account. (The use case here is that a client publishes documentation on github pages using Respec, which in turn uses markdown files. I am the editor for part of this documentation and would like to maintain the relevant markdown files in a folder in my Obsidian vault as a local repo)

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  1. @ton I think I’m doing this at the moment, on Windows. If I remember rightly, I added it using SSH – beyond that I’m not sure. I experienced the same duplication as you while I was figuring it out. Sorry I can’t be more specific – I’ll have a look on Monday if you haven’t worked through it by then.

  2. Yes. You would Git clone the source repo, and then, yes, if you have commit permission, you can Git push updates.

    It sounds like you forked and cloned the repo, thus pushing changes to your fork.

    I think you have a link to my Calendly, happy to screenshare this live with you if you need.

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