We’re one week before the second half of this year. I feel I haven’t done much in the past months, and this week felt similarly unproductive. On the upside it seems the probability of us being able to go on a summer trip to Denmark has risen. The Covid-19 statistices have moved in the right direction both here and in Denmark, and it seems that Denmark will open the border for Dutch tourists without the need to quarantine in time for our trip.

This week I

  • Met payroll and did some bookkeeping
  • Prepared and then postponed a workshop originally scheduled for early next week
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Wrote a short article on upcoming EU legislation for a client newsletter
  • Spent two days at my company’s ‘workation’ where the rest of our team stayed the entire week. It was good to see the entire team (two interns for the first time face to face, even though they’re at the end of their internship, and our latest hire for the second time in total and the first time in exactly a year). We had intensive sessions, discussed the future of our office, and hung out over self made pizza (see image). It felt good to see the entire team again.
  • The weekend was mostly spent on removing and installing a dishwasher with E doing most of the work by far, and on fixing the plumbing in the kitchen. Now everything works and is leak free, so a win for DIY.
  • Did an hour long presentation and discussion on the upcoming EU data legislation, and realised I need to write it up in sharable form, such as in this blog

Pizza made by my colleagues Frank and Emily, during our ‘workation’ meet-up, using a mobile pizza oven

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