As I’ve run into trouble with my TinyTinyRSS install, I’m switching to FreshRSS, to see how that works for me.

My TinyTinyRSS has the issue where many calls to the file backend.php keep timing out. It seems to have as effect that feed updates are not coming through, and worse that the repeated resource use flagged something with my hoster, making them blocking my home IP. That’s a blunt instrument to wield without checking whether that IP is your client’s own IP, but still.

Next to TinyTinyRSS my hoster also supports FreshRSS for self-hosting, so I installed that. I wanted to try FreshRSS out anyway, so this is a good opportunity to make the switch.

2 reactions on “From TinyTiny to Fresh RSS

  1. Please tell us how you like it! I have had a (very) quick glance at FreshRSS’s source code but never actually tried it myself. Guess the design didn’t speak to me that much. (I fairly quickly ditched TT-RSS for Miniflux, too, I remember.)

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