Given today’s occasion I typed ’51’ in my Flickr collection and up came a long list of images, that seems wholly arbitrary to me. For most I can’t even see why it would be a result of this search term. I selected some to post here, where collated they may seem to have meaning. What else is our role as sentient beings than to ascribe meaning to the things we observe?

Rigi ScheideggOn the Rigi, central Switzerland, enjoying the views with E and dear friends, 2010

Stair Case / Zeche Zollverein
The Stair Case in the old Zeche Zollverein coal mine in Essen, Germany, with E, 2006

LinesOn the coast near Nantes, France, with E in 2013

Lake Louise early in the morningEarly breakfast having Lake Louise in British Columbia to ourselves for a few minutes, with E, 2008

P1060184A garage door in Madrid, with E in 2014

Nederlands Architectuur InstituutNoone is born for themselves, nemo sibi nascitur, from Erasmus’s adagia collection, on the wall of the Dutch Architecture Institute in Rotterdam, 2008.

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  1. Hope the day was wonderful and with more images to add to a great and colourful life. Happy days ahead!

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