A busy week, mostly because of stuff left over from last week. It was also the week I turned 51, my second birthday during the pandemic, so we had a quiet day to ourselves. Y had another week off from school.

This week I:

  • Wrote two workshop reports, that took most of the first half of the week
  • Created a draft presentation explaining the logic and consistency of the coming EU legal framework w.r.t. digital services, data and AI. To be held twice next week
  • Created the agenda and prep materials for a meeting next week
  • Went to see a framer to discuss and choose the right frames for a painting, a silk screen print, and a photo print. Should be ready end of next week.
  • Had the weekly project team and client team meetings for our citizen science air quality project in Rotterdam
  • Finally got to enjoy a day in the garden in the sun, Thursday
  • Spent lots of time exploring the neighbourhood with Y on her bike
  • Deleted my Evernote account finally. Turns out doing that also deleted shared notes created by E in Notebooks created by me (the logic of which escapes me). Switching off wifi before opening up her Evernote prevented Y’s birthday wish list for the end of the month from disappearing. This as that list was the only thing more recent than the back-ups I made a while ago before deleting my account.

Party garlands over the dining table in honor of my birthday this week

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