A week that didn’t feel very productive, but otherwise was ok. Next week, the 12th, it will be a full year of only working from home. Almost no blogging this week, even less than the week before. It was more an introspective week. I did write a lot though, mostly notes.
This week I

  • Worked on the workshop design for a series of sessions on finding better indicators and data sources for intergovernmental audits, based on the risks and potential damage these audits are meant to prevent
  • Discussed progress of a client project and the shifting definition of done in that project
  • Had our monthly all hands meeting where we take a look at our finances, and at potential projects on the horizon.
  • Made my monthly mindmap of what I want to pay attention to
  • Read 3 non-fiction books, surprising myself
  • Discussed progress of our citizen science project in Rotterdam
  • Had a board meeting of the NGO I chair
  • Worked on building an overview of EU data strategy developments
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had a meeting with a client’s director on how my work for them is becoming more strategically important to them
  • Sent some invoices
  • Wrote a range of notes, and brought some 200 book notes from Evernote into my main Obsidian vault. The slower work of building connections between those notes will take place over time
  • Had a meeting with E and our financial advisor on pension plans and saving up for Y’s education / early adult life
  • Cycled with Y to her school and onwards to the bakery, to get her comfortable being out in traffic on her bicycle. The aim is that in a while she can cycle alongside us to school in the morning.

This week in … 2019
It was still common to travel. I was in Brussels for a conference, and my Japanese hotel had these nice images on the breakfast room tables. Re-used public domain images I assume.