Schools were closed again this week so both E’s and my work time was limited. The days I succeeded in gettng of to a good start were the ones where I got down to do something tangible right away because I prepared it the evening before. This week I

  • Did administrative things like meeting payroll, making the liquidity planning for the coming months and send some invoices
  • Created an overview of open data impact measurement frameworks that I’ve worked on over the years, for a client
  • Discussed and detailed the revised definition of done of a project
  • Created a second design version, and first full version of a story collection point for a citizen science project in Rotterdam
  • Created a first draft of an overview of all current national and European data related developments with timelines for legal, organisational and thematic timelines. This as a way to be able to anticipate actions for the Dutch Tactical Council on EU data I’m supporting this year.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Enjoyed migrating slide decks into my self-hosted slide sharing set-up
  • Moved a decade worth of notes out of Evernote
  • Had a session with our personal finance advisor on pension planning
  • Y developed a fever towards the end of the week, and I took her for a Covid test. She was a bit scared but carried herself bravely, and it was quickly done. It took 48hrs for the results to arrive, so during that time we quarantined our household as per the measures in place. The results came back negative, and Y was relieved she could go out and play in the park again. I’m relieved too, also that she can go to school tomorrow.

This week in….1861
This week in 1861 saw the birth of Santiago Rusiñol, a Spanish Catalan artist. While famous for his later colorful landscapes and gardens, earlier he lived in Paris, capturing city life.

Interior of Café des Incohérents 16 bis rue Fontaine, Montmartre, Paris, by Santiago Rusiñol, 1889/90, public domain image

Avenue of plane trees, by Santiago Rusiñol, 1916, public domain image