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Denn auf dieser kleinen Insel hat sich jemand die Mühe gemacht, kleinste Wege einzuzeichnen. Dafür bin ich all den freiwilligen HelferInnen der OpenStreetMap immer wieder sehr dankbar.

Robert Lender thanks Open Street Map (OSM) and its volunteers for drawing in the small (foot)paths other maps usually miss (as they’re more car oriented), and recounts how he used it on a small Greek island he visited that most tourists don’t know about, where he could wander around all the smallest paths with the OSM app. “Therefore, thank you once again. Because I am not adding geodata to OSM, I at least donated something to the OpenStreetMap Foundation.” Great idea. [I tried to follow that example, by signing up as a member, but there’s a glitch with Paypal.]