A full week, and one that forced us into a new and strict rhythm: this was the first week Y went to school full time, so we had to deliver her at the school gates every morning 08:30 sharp. That took some getting used to. It was also a filled week.

  • Prepared the first part of an internal training program called ‘Networking 101’. Years ago I taught two courses at a university for applied sciences, one was focused on creativity management and the other on networking, for learning and for business development. So I took the material from back then as a starting point. Then it was an 8 week course, this time we’re taking it as a 9 month program that also allows for practice
  • Did some final tweaks to the EU high value data study
  • Worked on digital transformation for a client
  • Arranged a new laptop for one of our team
  • Had a review meeting with one of our team and offered her a fixed contract
  • Came up with a way to map and visualize current projects against the wider vision of a client, to use as a tool in conversations allowing our project team’s people to zoom in and out at will. Currently conversations tend to get stuck in too small a scope, having a better overview is a useful way to break the deadlock.
  • Did a workshop with a few hundred participants to present the results of the EU study
  • Spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the local zoo.