I am coming around to the notion that I may also want to stop using Things for keeping track of tasks, and do it through markdown text files, similarly to getting out of Evernote. There was a time I always did such things in straightforward text files. Being able to do so again but now with a much better way of viewing and navigating such text files and the connections between them (using Obsidian as a viewer for now), makes it easy to ‘revert’ to my old ways so to speak.

(This doesn’t say anything about Things, which is a beautiful tool, that I have been using ever since I became aware of the Cultured Code company in 2008.)

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  1. I’m currently back with Todoist, which seems to be the one that clicks with me. I need to have my task list under my nose, and it does that handily on all my devices.

    Theoretically, I could do most of this using the standard Calendar and Reminders, but there’s a lot more friction, which sucks because I like that it uses open protocols. (On a related note, it was a lot of work to get my old Android phone to talk to my non-Google calendars, possibly intentionally…?)

    Obsidian looks interesting, I’m still trying to get my head around it, though. I like that it uses text files, so I’m not locked in. I’m currently rethinking my use of DEVONthink, it’s great for archiving old email plus my financial documents, but my attempts to use it as a knowledge store have floundered, and I’m probably not using all the app’s potential.

  2. I myself am using Things at the moment but have been thinking about shifting to the Taskpaper format. That is something similar to markdown. The syntax is supported by multiple text editors, mostly through plugins.

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