As Y was at home ill, it was a logistically challenging week, and I did not get a whole lot done. But all in all an ok week.

  • Did some interviews on the macro-economic impact of open data in the Netherlands
  • Kept up making notes Zettelkasten style in Obsidian (now about 50). My old blogposts and presentations are a rich source for them. Those 50 or so notes are almost all a braindump of my existing notions around certian topics. I haven’t much added anything from other material I read. I did stumble upon a new connection between my notes for the first time.
  • Had an interview for a new director at the NGO I chair, and we signed two new senior project leads. Arranged further interviews for next week.
  • Sat down with the entire team of the NGO I chair to talk with them about their wishes for a new director
  • Discussed how we can use an ethical guide we wrote for the use of geodata and how to apply it to more generic data driven initiatives.
  • Picked the first batch of blackberries
  • Had a bbq with our company‘s team and those of the company that rent desks in our office, in my colleague’s F garden
  • Took care of Y on Thursday and Friday full time.

Some in our neighbourhood are taking ‘staycation’ up a level: 4 tents and a swimming pool set-up on a small back porch

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