I’ve been using Signal for years, as the go to messaging app. It’s fully encrypted, and all Signal ever knows about you is when you made an account, and if you still use it. In light of the protest in the US and world-wide against racism and police brutality, Signal posted a blog post yesterday explaining how Signal works.

What if the worst should happen, and some unauthorized party were to compromise Signal? We don’t have to speak hypothetically, because the US government already tried this, so we can examine what that looked like.
The only Signal user data we have, and the only data the US government obtained as a result, was the date of account creation and the date of last use – not user messages, groups, contacts, profile information, or anything else.

Reading their blog I realised I never donated anything yet to Signal, which is a non-profit. So I set up a monthly donation. So they can keep up their great work.

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