Now at over 11 weeks into the pandemic measures. It was a challenging week for me. I’m due to deliver a large report, but it’s hard to get the narrative in shape that emerges from the gathered information, and I threw a lot of hours towards it, while my sense of progress is very limited. Meanwhile the (first?) wave of the pandemic seems to have passed. We’re currently over 40 days away from the last doubling of numbers (on April 19th). That last doubling took 14 days, so we’re now progressing 3 times slower. It shows in the number of hospitalisations and ICU patients (now at 11% of its peak on April 7th). The doubling rate may go up from tomorrow as the number of tests done is set to increase, with the general public getting access to tests. Restrictions are being eased as a result. Hopefully if I get this report out of my way, I’ll breathe a bit easier again too.

  • Did an interview on Dutch ortho-image data collection
  • Did an interview with the Irish met-office
  • Discussed open data costs with the Danish met-office, and the Dutch met-office
  • Worked 12-14 hour days on the report
  • Had an evaluation with one of our employees and renewed their contract
  • Did an interview with a thesis-student at a client’s on public task execution in complex environments
  • Had a team call for the EU high value data study
  • Celebrated Y’s 4th birthday, with surprise visits from her grandparents, her uncles and aunts, over multiple days, as well as a visit to the newly reopened zoo (for which E had arranged tickets as soon as a limited number became available)
  • Also spent the weekend writing the report

My sister C presenting Y with a bunch of balloons with presents attached for her 4th birthday.

Having an encounter with prairie dogs towards the end of our walk through the local zoo.

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