I feel rather stressed this week, mostly because of a rapidly approaching deadline where I have to my taste too little material to work with for the report that needs to be delivered. Ten weeks into the lock-down, with now some measures being eased, and more to be eased after June 1st, I am not particularly pleased with my progress and productivity over the past two and a half months. I think it maybe isn’t necessarily different much from usual per se, it’s maybe more visible now as it doesn’t get obscured by having lots of meetings or traveling to clients which provides the sense of being busy even if in practice less gets done than it seems. Yet I felt awful at times because of it this week, fighting procrastination continuously.

  • Worked a lot of hours, including the entire weekend, on the EU High Value Data List study, with too little progress to show for it. The deadline for an interim deliverable now looms large (coming Friday the EC needs to have it), so coming week will only focus on this, much as it was this week. I noticed that today is exactly 2 years since I posted my review of the proposed new PSI Directive I am now doing the high value data study for.
  • Did two online workshops for the EU study, one on Earth Observation and Environmental data, one on Meteorological data.
  • Did a number of interviews for the EU study, a.o. with different Dutch and Maltese public sector bodies. More interviews still planned for coming week.
  • Had our monthly all-hands meeting of my company, followed by a half-day storytelling workshop.
  • Took a much needed walk twice, through the neighbourhood and in a nearby nature preserve
  • Slept one afternoon, as I was too tired for anything else
  • Procrastinated too much, with my mind continuously going over all the various details of the EU study. Even dreamt about it several nights.
  • Ordered a couch and chairs for our waterside terrace. Since we will be at home most of the summer, we decided to ensure we could sit comfortably