Having completed 6 weeks at home last Thursday, we had some first recommendations and restrictions announced to be lifted by May 11th in the Netherlands this week. We’ll be at home however for at least 4 more weeks, until May 19th, which is bringing us close to my original estimate of being at home until June 1st. Schools and day care will be reopening on May 11th. That’s the good news. It coincides with when Y was actually planned to go to primary school. However her group of starting pupils will not begin (they need the staff elsewhere), meaning she will not be going to school until after the summer holidays, on September first when she can join her year cohort. This will be hard for our daughter who has been eager to start school already for months and bored with daycare, and now we’re adding 4 months to the wait. For us it’s a relief that she at least will be welcome at daycare from mid May until September on her usual three days, as that means we both can have a more balanced week. It does mean an additional 3k to 4k Euro of unplanned expenses this year (but part of it gets compensated again by not going abroad for summer holidays).

This week I

  • Didn’t want to get up and start the day or work on Monday, for the first time in probably 25 years. I took the day slow to make time for reflection, and to stop running from one operational thing to another
  • Did more of, and now finished, Q1 bookkeeping and VAT returns
  • Worked on a client’s open data publishing platform
  • Finished reviewing a strategic knowledge plan of a client. Discussed it with the client which turned into a wider ranging conversation that holds much promise for a much longer extension and intensification of our work with them.
  • Worked on the EU High Value data study
  • Discussed what a password manager for low literate users might look like, or rather how to avoid needing one at all through different design and security measures
  • Did the salary payments for this month to our team
  • Realised I need to get out of my home office more during the day. I stood on the roof terrace one morning, to check on the berry bushes, and noticed the birds singing. Another afternoon I came outside and realised I had missed a gorgeous day.
  • Participated in an IndieWeb conversation on wikis, which yielded some small experiments to do, one of which is opening a daily log each day. That might feed well into the noticing bit of the previous item.

Red currants forming on our roof terrace. The raspberries are about to flower, the black berries are budding and the blueberries are in full bloom.

Enjoying coffee and the morning sun at our lower terrace

Y and her friend E checking to see if there’s already any activity in E’s school. Sadly Y will not go to school for 4 more months, although schools will re-open mid May.

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