A regular week, in which I

  • Finalised the documents for a client to put out a public tender, and getting the tender published
  • Did a sprint review session with a client about energy poverty micro subsidies
  • Had a meeting with the directors of a company we work alongside for a client, to get to know each other’s work better
  • Made lengthy confcalls about an upcoming project in Malaysia. Now clear it won’t start before the end of the year, meaning February at the earliest because of Chinese New Year and other holidays in January
  • Had a long talk with my colleague Frank diving into the content of various ongoing projects, and upcoming opportunities
  • Visited Dutch Design Week with Elmine and Y.
  • Worked in the garden with Y, preparing for the colder season. Pruning the apple tree. Uncoupling the irrigation system for the garden, balcony and roof terrace

Number 43‘Number 43’ by Véronique Debord-Lazaro, license CC-BY-SA

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