A week with lots of different things. This week I

  • Did a session with a client’s project board to get the budget and approval to start a procurement procedure for a cloud service, as part of our ongoing open data work with them
  • With the same client did an ‘awareness’ session introducing a wider group of internal stakeholders to our plans. Both sessions were well received and our plans approved (‘we should do these stakeholder sessions more often’)
  • Worked on a decision tree for energy poverty subsidies, and discussed speeding up subsidy payments with the legal and finance department of that client
  • Finally received the procurement letter from a client we had been waiting for a long time
  • Spent a day at the Overheid360 conference, where various government entities discussed and presented their digital transformation efforts. It provided a lot of insights, also how limited progress often is, and how tech-central things are being approached, as well as the doubts and fears many smaller government entities have. It’s a minority that reason in terms of opportunities for better service delivery. Lots of notes to flesh out.
  • Had a breakfast meeting with my company’s management team to discuss our notions and plans for next year. We also are on the lookout for an additional employee.
  • Visited the World Summit AI conference in Zaandam, a big event about AI developments. I mostly went to get a feeling for who attends these events, and what the general line of discussion is. Took lots of notes, but haven’t gotten around to writing them up yet.

Photo by Gerry Dincher, license CC BY SA