A pretty regular week, albeit with interrupted nights, so fatigue level rose steadily over the week.

  • Further discussions of contracts for an upcoming project in SE-Asia. Worried that these discussions are now eroding the time for execution of the projects first phase (completion date for that phase is a fixed element), meaning compression of work and planning problems.
  • Spent ample time on a project for a province that started last week.
  • Decided on the location for IndieWebCamp Amsterdam, and opened registration for it
  • Did a little bit of work on a tender with a EU wide consortium, but much less than I wanted.
  • Worked on the energy poverty project and a circular economy project for a province
  • Discussed a 2yr data governance program for provincial level governments with colleagues, in which socio-economic impact, digital transformation, ethics, it choices and data management are approached as the interconnected and interdependent things they are
  • Was interviewed for an upcoming speaking gig in Germany next month. The video has been published already.

32, by Tara Schmidt, license CC BY