A week mostly spent working from home, in which I:

  • Readied 2 project proposals, one of which is already agreed but needed a bit of rephrasing.
  • Worked on the energy poverty open data project
  • Made a start on a new project
  • Did the invoicing for June
  • Discussed a possible joint European project
  • Did preparation for a project in Malaysia
  • Thought up some next steps for using open data for monitoring commercial zones, and for innovation subsidies for SME’s
  • Chaired a board meeting of the Open State Foundation
  • Had a board meeting of Open Nederland
  • Checked our camping gear for an upcoming trip

27, image by Gaelx, licens CC-BY-SA

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    • Just 12, as I started adding them from week 15, as a way to use more CC licensed material.

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