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Every page from the blog after Sat 22nd June has been generated on a Raspberry Pi’s a cluster of brand new hardware, with a pre-release operating system and a single point of failure. We very strongly advise our customers not to use this for a mission critical super high profile website under-going the most significant production launch in their history. That really isn’t a very good idea. We once advised Eben that Raspberry Pi probably wouldn’t sell very many computers. He didn’t listen to us then either.

The launch of Raspberry Pi 4 is significant in its own right, especially as its improved specs make it a cheap server (60 Euros). Cheap servers play a role in a whole host of distributed applications, like running your own cloud, calendar, smart home appliances, internet of things hub, machine learning efforts, and federated social media. I look forward to getting my hands on a Pi4.

To show off its specs, the Raspberry Pi 4 launch website, attracting tens of millions of visitors over a few days, is being run on a cluster of 18 Raspberry Pi 4’s. (found via Jason Cosper,

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