A week that wasn’t busy as such, but intensive judging by how tired I was heading into the weekend.

  • Had a range of deep conversations across the country over 3 days, on running a business, on the household as economic unit, on privacy and data protection, the difference between providing a consultancy or a service versus turning it into a product, on indieweb and internet services as a utility, as well as on the future of The Green Land, my company. More conversations planned for next week. I’ve approached a range of people in my network for extended conversations to hear about their work, theb big issues they are dealing with and the developments they see.
  • Worked on a transparency benchmark for provinces.
  • Played around with the API of the Dutch national open data portal to benchmark provinces on opening data. Found out that the national portal has made some key changes without communicating it in any way. A unadvisable in my perception.
  • Spent Friday evening and time during the weekend searching the neighbourhood for our 15 year old black cat. She left the house and didn’t return. Maybe something happened to her, or she got locked into a shed by accident. Maybe she sought out a quiet spot to die, as she was clearly ageing. Not knowing what happened is more difficult than dealing with whatever did happen.
  • Visited Elmine’s brother and family on Saturday, and her parents today, as the little one clearly indicated she wanted to see them. So we did.