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We’re all familiar with noise cancelling headphones. I’ve got some that I use for transatlantic trips, and they’re great for minimising any repeating background noise...It doesn’t surprise me, therefore, to find that BOSE, best known for its headphones, are offering car manufacturers something similar

Noise cancelling in cars isn’t a no brainer I think. When I first got my noise cancelling headphones and had put them to good use on trains and airplanes, I tried to use them while driving in my car as well. I took them off again rather quickly, once I noticed that I actually use the car’s noises as feedback, e.g. for shifting gears, to determine road conditions, and other things. So with noise cancelling active I felt that part of my sensorium was cut off. It will take replacing those observations by ear for ones by other senses, actively rewiring entrained behaviour. For passengers it’s likely a different thing.