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Good to see you back on your own blog Henriette, after exactly 3 years! Yes, we should meet more. There’s a self-reinforcing cycle of interaction richness from online exchanges spilling over into face to face meetings and back again. It’s awe inspiring, and usually resonates deeply. I never quite left my blog, but did return to it a year ago, in the sense that I reinstated it as my primary online point of interaction. I look forward to reading you more often. RSS reader has been updated.

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  1. Oddly enough the post template ‘reply’ did not give me a field to provide the URL I was replying to (I have mentioned in the posting itself though).

  2. I think we’ve found the error (or my in house hacker and webwizard has – and thank you for your lovely reply. let’s take back the internet from social media and unconference everything! Let’s get these real deep voices going (btw I am adding a blogroll to the blog called people who wants to have deep conversations about important shit=)

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