Another week with some travel, yet all in all unhurried.

  • Monday, all 8 of us were at Open Belgium 2018, where I presented on the value of data inventories to evolve mature data governance in local government
  • Created and published a long read version of my Open Belgium presentation
  • On the way back from Belgium on Tuesday did some thinking on the future course and content I want to seek for my work
  • Worked on a European proposal for some agency/digital transformation related work, with Library Service Fryslân BSF, along the lines of the Impact through Connection project last year with a primary school
  • Attended a workshop on Internet of Things and Ethics at University of Twente
  • Worked on transferring the open data project work for Overijssel to line tasks
  • Prepared the start of open data impact research for Serbia
  • Had a meeting with my The Green Land partners to discuss our future plans
  • Reached out to some international peers to catch up with developments