A week in which a lot got done, but still unhurried.
Some of the things that I worked on this week.

  • Met up with the open data working group at Province Overijssel, to discuss the results of the program board meeting, and how to move things into regular operations
  • I spent two days at the Dutch Royal Library in The Hague working with colleagues of the Frisian regional library service, Gráinne Hamilton of Open Badges, Hannah Gent of Public Libraries 2020 and others. I presented my Agency model, and we collaborated on outlining a two-year international project. In this project the agency model is used to position libraries as catalysts in local communities for community-initiated projects. At the same time it uses open badges as a way of making the digital literacies acquired in those projects demonstrable and ‘transportable’ to other contexts and environments.
  • Met up with the open data working group in Fryslan, where the province, the city of Leeuwarden and the regional archive Tresoar are working towards an end-of-March deadline to extend the open data they provide in the Frisian open data platform.
  • Did an open data workshop with the department for nature and environment of the Province of Overijssel, to look at open data opportunities in their work. We ended up with about 6 potential cases to use open data to either allow other stakeholders to behave differently, or to save time yourself. In the coming weeks we’ll try to turn a few of them into real cases for the department to act on.
  • Was interviewed on camera for a video report on the ‘Impact through Connection’ project of early last year.
  • Worked on a project proposal to estimate and quantify potential open data impact for the Serbian national government, on behalf of the UNDP, and started preparations for a visit to Belgrade for the Serbian open data week in early March. Looking forward to return to Serbia after two years.
  • Had a meet-up at our favourite micro-brewery Maximus with all of our new The Green Land additions, and arranged our participation in the Open Belgium conference in mid-March. All 8 of us will be there.