Today the FabLab Arnhem officially opened. FabLab Arnhem is housed at the HAN, university for applied sciences in Arnhem. With great enthusiasm a large group of people at the HAN worked to make it happen, and today that effort came to fruition.
Opening FABLab Arnhem 057

In the presence of Glorianna Davenport, of MIT’s Medialab, the birthplace of the FabLab concept, Ella Hueting and Titia Bredee, directors of the faculty for technology and education respectively signed the license of the Dutch FabLab Foundation, that is connected to using the FabLab name.
For the Dutch FabLab Foundation I had the honor of signing the license granting Arnhem FabLab status. Sadly I could not be present in person, as I was just returning from presenting FabLab at Lift 10 in Marseille. But immediately after landing in Amsterdam I connected with FabLab Arnhem through Skype, so I could see the proceedings in the FabLab, and they could see me sign the license in front of the camera.
Opening FABLab Arnhem 086 Opening FABLab Arnhem 082
Glorianna Davenport talking, Titia Bredee showing the signed license, me doing the same on the screen.
FabLab Arnhem will open to the public five days a week in September. They will be busy finishing the installation of all necessary machines and equipment until then. But today was the official opening with a lot of people attending. More pictures are available.
Opening FABLab Arnhem 151
Toasting the new FabLab Arnhem, ltr Ella Hueting (director of technology), Inez Kohlmann (FabLab project leader), Glorianna Davenport (MIT Medialab), Titia Bredee (director of education)
FabLab Arnhem is the fifth FabLab in the Netherlands, and combined with the two FabLabs in Belgium, and the mobile FabLab, the eighth FabLab in the BeNeLux.
We are happy to welcome the FabLab Arnhem at the HAN into the network!
(all pictures in this posting by Hans Mestrum)