Leaving through a weekly and reading an article on greenwashing and ‘deep’ green marketing, I noticed something in the right hand bottom corner. It read:

Ecofont The articles on pages 14-19 are printed with Ecofont Spranq Eco Sans, a letter with holes in it, thereby using up to 20% less ink during printing. You don’t see the holes in normal pt-size, but they are there. At bigger font sizes do notice, as the holes get bigger.

A clever idea I think. Unless of course you now start mindlessly printing e-mail again.
The font is developed by a Dutch company, is freely downloadable but also available in a paid version which lets you turn any font (incuding your own corporate font) into an ecofont by ‘punching holes’ in your letters. Adding installing this font to use in my invoices and proposals (the only stuff I ever print) to my to-do list.

Holes do show at larger font sizes, but otherwise your eyes don’t notice at all.

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