This afternoon / tonight we had a GeekLounge, after the last geek dinner in May ’08. We had a pleasant round of conversations with artist Marc Otte, resident philosopher Johnny Søraker, start-up running Melina McKim, researchers Robert Slagter and Lilia Efimova, as well as Elmine and me. Good conversations spanning virtual worlds, ethics, fablabs, conference organizing, expat life, nano-tech, Sinterklaas, food, Russian Christmas, California start-up climate, switching jobs and the credit crunch.

We decided to make it a repeating event. The next one will be at the end of January, Saturday 23rd.
Other dates, all Saturdays: March 20th, May 22nd, (July 24th), September 25th, November 20th. Starting at 16:00 hrs, until 21:00 hrs or so. Check the GeekLounge page for info/updates.