Last week a reporter of a Dutch tv station reported how easy it was to get onto Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and even place a fake bomb in the cargo hold of a passenger plane. The conclusion was, that even though checks on passengers were relatively strict, checks on ground personnel were a joke.
Apparantly some people at Schiphol Airport, airline KLM’s home base, are worried/curious about the fall-out of this report.
In my serverlogs this morning:
a) visit from a KLM server.
KLM server visiting my site
b) via a Google search on Schiphol Security
KLM found me on 'Schiphol Security'
c) finding a blogpost of mine as the 3rd hit
My blog being the third hit
d) talking about how they overlooked a screw driver in my carry-on bag in 2006
The screw driver that got through security