Since I have been tagged both in the English language version as well as the Dutch version of one of those tagging games that seem to go around once or twice a year, I felt I could not ignore the requests and am posting this in both the Dutch and English blog. So in answer to both Johnnie Moore and Hans Mestrum here are five things you probably don’t know about me:
1) I only once owned and wore a blue jeans, when I was 4. I ruined it the first day I wore it and neverd touched one after that. (But I now do own a blue jeans in Second Life)
2) On the internet no-one knows you’re a dog. Next to my regular avatar, which links back to me, I also operate a female avatar in Second Life.
3) Over ten years ago I went through a deep depression that lasted several years. It could have been the end, almost was. Since it wasn’t, I am now consistently optimistic.
4) Short wave radio held me in awe since I was a kid. That you could hear signals from around the world was simply magical. I obtained my ham radio license: PE1NOR. The internet and the large international network I find myself in as a blogger took away most of that original magic. I let my license lapse last year when I forgot to pay the yearly fee. Haven’t come around to getting it renewed yet.
5) This year we bought our first Christmas tree for our own home. It felt like a whole new rite of passage into adulthood for me.
I am not tagging new people. All the names coming to mind seem to have expressed a dislike for this type of chain-blogging, as have I in the past.