In the past few weeks I have been playing around with on-line status indicators. Some IM services offer their own indicators, others don’t. So for a few that don’t I’ve installed a Onlinestatus server. Also I started using a script made by Peter and Olle, to detect my current status with Plazes which I slightly adapted for my purposes.
Current indicators I’ve got working are Plazes, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM. The last one to add is Skype, which is an indicator I really need. You don’t see them here yet, but at the page where I am playing with a new lay-out.
Jyve seemed to offer the service I need, but I cannot get it to work (it keeps saying Pending as my status, also the plugin frequently crashes), and I really wouldn’t like to use a service by somebody else requiring me to store profile data there if I can prevent it. I’d like to be able to determine Skype status myself.
So now I am wondering if there are any other solutions out there that you know of? Does anyone have experience with using the Skype API for this?
Would something like running a Skype bot-account on my webserver permanently enable me to access that account’s buddylist (which then would only contain my real account) and show its status on my webpages? And what do these guys use? Stuart? Phil? I saw some talk on a forum by somebody from their group mentioning an indicator but not saying much about it.
Suggestions are appreciated!
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[Update: The Jyve plugin is now working, took a few reboots.]

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