Even if the lame and over-used example of the self-restocking fridge is used as an example again, this is interesting news:
South Korea is investing $800 million in RFID.
Chin, the Korean minister for information and communication has said that the South Korean government thinks RFID will be at least as big as mobile phones.
The Korean government, which said RFID will replace barcodes, is building several research and development centres in the country for different technologies. RFID production is planned for next year in the northern city of Songdo and will receive funding between 2005 and 2010.
They already had pilots using RFID with tracing beef, ammunition stocks, and tracking luggage at an airport.
Add geo-tagging and IPv6 to the mix and you have geographic and object-centered micro-content for people to play with and build relationships on. Opens up a new realm of possibilities.
Source: ZDnet (via Jim Downing at Smartmobs)
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