Last January I wrote up some criticism of my experiences at KM Europe 2003. This year, as Martin Roell noted, most of the points of critique were still valid. I contacted mr. Peter Nussey about it at the Ark Group, who organise the event. Today Peter left a comment on the original entry that I would like to share with you. Peter asks us several questions, and I think you and me should try and answer them if we can. It is one thing to criticize, now’s the chance to influence changes. Peter’s e-mail address is pnussey [at] ark-group [dot] com, or leave a message in the comments and I will see to it that it gets to Peter.

Ton thank you very much for the thought and effort that have gone into this feedback. It is always tremendously beneficial for us to hear the thoughts of KM Europe participants and I would like to invite and encourage the views of any visitors to this, or indeed any other Ark event, that may be reading.
I have read your suggestions with interest. Not only do I agree with many of them but I am pleased to say we have already started work on incorporating many of them into next year�s event. KM Europe 2005 will include some exciting new features which will chime with your concept of optimal unfamiliarity and will hopefully be beneficial all stakeholder groups.
As with previous events I will be inviting the major KM communities across Europe and the USA to participate in the event. We will offer a room, services and promotion for their own events with a view to creating the type of the fringe event you describe.
Prior to the event we will be looking to facilitate as many on-the-day meetings as possible with an online meeting organiser (or similar) We will also provide facilities for formal and serendipitous networking at KM Europe in the form of dedicated areas and supporting technology
Next years schedule will allow more time for conversation and discussion. We always endeavour to select presenters that are thought leaders, next year will pay particular attention to selecting leading figures who both reinforce and challenge core beliefs and act a stimulus for discussion between all stakeholder groups.
We will be working hard to ensure that KM Europe 2005 allows for a greater level of interaction between all parties than ever before. In order for the �fringe� activities to really take off we do need the support of the wider KM community which is where people like yourself can help.
We would like bloggers and community members, like you, to help issue a rallying cry to all communities and associations to take part. Please spread the message – don�t wait to be invited to be involved in KM Europe 2005 please contact me Peter Nussey at and ask how.
Furthermore I would like to hear from all previous or prospective visitors, please let me know what you would like to see at KM Europe 2005 I would also be interested to hear your thoughts on price. I agree Ton that each stakeholder needs to pay their way. If we were acting as facilitator and connector what do your blog readers think they would be prepared to pay?
KM Europe 2005 is committed to satisfying the requirements of the KM community let us know yours and watch this space�
Peter Nussey
Marketing Director
Ark Group

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  1. The reality and the web

    It is so interesting to see how a double of the reality is emerging on the web. Let’s take the example of the recent KM Europe event. We went there with our expectations…

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