Since some time I am an enthusiastic user of Freemind, a great mindmapping software (even if it forces you to think in trees).
The wiki’s I use are currently all WakkaWiki, but for my private Wiki I have switched to WikkaWiki, a branch of WakkaWiki because WakkaWiki is no longer developed.
One of the absolute plusses of both Wakka and WikkaWiki is that it is possible to dynamically include Freemind mindmaps, keeping them clickable and all. This is a feature Martin Roell was looking for for some time I think, and beats Freeminds basic HTML-export handily by offering you the real thing. You can see it in action in my wiki.

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  1. Ton, so am I right in thinking you can import the mm file straight from Freemind? How interesting I too use free mind but have great difficulty allowing people within my company to read them – locked down PCs.

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