Well, in Vienna now. Arrived here Friday, and rented an apartment. Yesterday saw the third edition of BlogWalk, which was good fun. A lot of people this time, and a lot of interesting conversations resulted from that. The morning was less focussed than it could have been, and I have some reflection to do on the way I moderated it. But still it was a day very well spent, thanks to all those who participated, especially the ones who travelled to Vienna for BlogWalk only!
Now at BlogTalk, the conference, once again organised by Thomas Burg and his team.
For impressions of both events:
BlogWalk topicexchange
BlogTalk topicexchange
BlogTalk IRC channel: #blogtalk on Freenode.
Now back to listening.

2 reactions on “BlogWalking the BlogTalking

  1. Hi Ton,
    Shouldn’t worry about how you moderated it if I were you! As you mentioned, it seemed to be a different animal from previous BlogWalks – more new faces, more getting to know each other. And, personally, I think while less focused perhaps than others (?), the social bit at the beginning was key to making the later focused discussions more open.
    Anyway, personally very glad to have been there – thanks again!

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