Last weekend I installed WLAN at home. After I had been hooked on wireless connectivity ever since the first time I experienced it, the final push to go out and buy the infrastructure came when my tax-return came in.

reading my blog via wireless

Now two hotspots are fitted. One is used for my LAN and encrypted. The other (interdependent2) is open to the public, provides internet access only, and positioned at the roof-terrace. Not that the neighbours need it: I can see 7 wireless lans from the roof-terrace. 🙂

open access point 2

So if you’re ever walking around Enschede looking for connectivity…….

One reaction on “WLAN installed

  1. Ton
    What I was doing when my hard disk when up in smoke recently (I kid you not) was installing a WLAN, I was struggling like mad at the time! (I was trying to build an adhoc network, so avoiding having a router). Since I have now the new portable I have not yet retried the installation, but will do soon. So watch out you may get some questions when I try again.
    I too had hoped to open up my internet access for anyone that wants it – tell me is that easy to configure?

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