How to explain the possibilities of weblogging to a corporation? A debate that has been going on for a long time now.
Judith Meskill invites you to imagine you’re finally in an elevator ride with the CEO and you have this one chance to explain it all in the one and a half minute it takes to bring you to the floor you need to be. What will you say?
And never mind that group of people pretending they are not listening in and curious about what you are telling the CEO, standing at the back of the elevator cabin. They’re just the judges in the Perfect Elevator Pitch for Corporate Weblogging Competition. And yup, that’s me with them in the corner there, taking notes and keeping scores.

Rules, Preparation & Requirements:
Submission: text entry between 50 to 160 words.
One entry per person.
Please make sure that you include, with your submission:
your full name,
your website and/or weblog url(s), and
a valid email address.
All entries must be received by midnight (EST) April 15, 2004.
Entry scoring will be completed by judges by midnight (EST) April 22, 2004.
Winning entry will be announced shortly thereafter �
date to be announced in the near future.
No �monetary compensation� � but excellent �sur-prizes� To Be Announced!
Competition Submission Format:
For now, please email completed submissions to:
pitch at weblogsinc dot com

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  1. To focus or not to focus?

    Several bloggers are talking about Focus today. And Elevator Pitches. Sometimes focus is good, but there’s a lot to be said for peripheral vision. This entry explores that idea with a lot of references to other folks. And concludes the answer is proab…

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