In the debate whether we should blog or wiki, and thinking about how to support virtual organisations as mentioned in the last post on Making Actionable Sense, I found myself dreaming of a tool like this:
A bloki, i.e. a combination of a blog and a wiki, that is navigable and interfaced like the PersonalBrain (have a look at the nav-tool at the top of the page. I use it on my desktop), but then more styled like a SNA graph, or mindmap. Where new pages end up on the blog, where parts can be shielded from the public, where RSS-feeds are generated for actions resulting from the interaction (things to do lists), and per topic/project, as well as a blog with feed for changes to earlier postings.
UPDATE: See also David Buchan’s conversation on the use of PersonalBrain and blogs with Jack Vinson

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  1. Actually, there’s nothing to stop you from using a Wiki as a Blog. Just use dates for page names, and add to an index based on category, and you can have a node-like structure done via CGI that links to everything you want… which is sort of what Honeywell’s DOME software does, only on a web-level.

  2. Hi Ton, I too am looking for tools that can exploit the growing web of knowledge in things like Blogs and Wikis – recognising all ideas linked to specific categories or topics (or loose-ends) and presenting the mind-map’s graphically (I even investigated PersonalBrain but found it’s no good for individual amateurs who don’t run their own web-servers.
    In my day job (away from Blogs, but moving that way) we are working on applications that use tamplates as sets of links / relations. (or query by type of link)
    See this link and the one previous …
    A blogger (other than Seb and Lilia) who’s looking at similar tools is Paul Kelly.

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