I’ve made a decision. I want to get rid of Microsoft on the system here at home that functions as a server. Now I have no clue as to how to get from A (running Microsoft) to B (running no Microsoft), but I decided that ignorance should be no excuse. And that’s where I hope you come in.
I’ve created a new blog, called Jettison, where I will try to chronicle my way from Microsoft to Linux. Certainly at the start I will post a lot of questions there. In the hope that some of you are able to provide answers, or at least clues and pointers towards answers.

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  1. I think you should have a look at ClarkConnect. They have a nice, prepackaged Linux server distro all configured for home/small-biz firewall and server applications. They also have a sort of remote monitoring service that will monitor for intrusions and keep virus software up to date. I’ve been looking at it for quite some time but haven’t yet made the move to do it. Maybe this fall.
    — twf

  2. Free Ton

    Ton Zylstra has had enough and he’s embarked on the grand adventure to jettison Microsoft and join the free software world by converting his systems to Linux. Enroute to his new…

  3. Microsoft – There is an alternative!

    And finally, I overcame my fear and started to try out some alternatives to Microsoft. It feels naughty, like going against Big Brother. I’d always thought (from experiences and hearsay from the early days) that changing my browser would

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