While Phil is talking passionately about what is lacking in current blogging tools, and in his crystal ball sees his car, the tools in his shed and his refrigerator blogging, as does his Tivo equipped television already, I scroll through the referrerlog and find this post by Robert Paterson (from Micah Alpern) on RFID tags, which somehow falls in nicely with what Phil is telling us right now.

2 reactions on “Phil Wolff: Blogging refrigerator

  1. just wondering if everyone is at lunch, as nobody has blogged in a few hours. my “Blogumentary” trailer is supposed to screen and wondering if it has yet? if so, note that i have since made a number of improvements… less closeups of hands, for example. 🙂

  2. Hi chuck,
    Well actually the router crashed, and it was behind a closed door, with nobody with a key handy, so we sort of were cut off rather drastically during one of the panel discussions.
    Anyway, it meant everybody stopped blogging and started conversing, which is a good thing.

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