Rebecca Blood talks about the effects of blogs on catching up with news, and forming our opinion. Every group, whether large or small, is prone to groupthink. “Most blogs function in a echo chamber of their own making”, since it is a human trait to believe and to primarily turn to sources that reflect the same underlying assumptions.
Rebecca has no doubt that blogs can foster dialogue discussion, but warns to not fall into the trap of believing that the world is in agreement with you, just because your circle on the web does. This because this circle is merely a slightly wider form of your ‘irl’ circles in terms of geography and not in opinion. I can see Denham nodding his head vigorously in front of the screen, as this is I think precisely Denhams point on the absence of dialogue in blogs.

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  1. Echokamer

    Tijdens zijn presentatie op Reboot ging David Weinberger in op het verwijt dat de schrijvende pers, in dit geval de New York Times, weblogs regelmatig maakt: weblogs wijzen alleen naar zichzelf en elkaar, en zijn dus navelstaarders. Deze twee screensho…

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