Now on is Sebastian Fiedler about alternatives to learning processes, not focussing on learning as an activity that is organised by another for you, but is organised by yourself. Presentation is here. Weblogs are a phenomenon that takes this more personal stance to learning. It’s recording and representing of thoughts and digesting new concepts etc. Great to hear Sebastian talk, he certainly fits the picture I had of him based on his weblog.
Next up is Martin Roell (paper) on business applications of weblogs. Am curious about his views. Would like to use blogs in our own company to help glueing our recently acquired sister-organisation together, by making groupblogs for the different areas of expertise.
Martin is actually a lot of fun to listen to. Things learned sofar: Luxembourg is an actual country, big enough even for a plane to crash in. Also managers are to be talked to in extremely simple terms, promising them no risks but great revenue. Now he has launched into his talk proper.
Let companies start with one blog, a projectblog or something and then slowly build from that. It’s the ‘oil-stain’ approach I advocate for change myself. He builds from projectblog to groupblogs to individual (k-)blogs.
Now to Oliver Wrede, from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences who let’s his students blog during the courses he gives. (blog)

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