Looking forward to reading Data Mesh by Zhamak Dehghani. She published this book last March with O’Reilly, but originated the concept in 2018. Received the book yesterday.
She suggests data mesh, as a decentralized sociotechnical paradigm drawn from modern distributed architecture that provides a new approach to sourcing, sharing, accessing, and managing analytical data at scale. In other words, moving beyond traditional data warehouses and lakes to a distributed set-up.

I think this is a key concept for the creation of the EU dataspace(s), where combining and working with data is envisioned as not requiring centralising that data, nor even having a copy of the data for your application. Only that way, through things like multi party computing and bringing your model to the data not the other way around, is it possible to bring data into play at European scale that is sensitive, personal or non-public. Only that way is it possible to work with data across domains and a diversity of data holding or using stakeholders. In my work on a national reference architecture for federated digital twins, the concept was applied to the data parts of the reference.