A mixed week, in the latter part I struggled.

This week I

  • Started tired because of the previous weekend spent traveling to Switzerland and back.
  • Had the from now weekly appointment with a psychologist to deal with my burn-out
  • Did some bookkeeping and invoicing and did the montly financial update to our team (we keep our books fully transparant for the team)
  • discussed with the Ministry for Interior Affairs their guidelines for the new law on re-use of public sector information, and their data protection impact assessment thereof.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Did an intake session with the Center of Excellence for cloud and data sharing. I will probably join their working group on governance.
  • Did some last work on the European open data maturity survey my colleague F and I did for the Ministry for the Interior and sent it to the European Commission.
  • Fielded another public entity’s questions on data (intellectual) ownership (short answer: there is none). The question seems to go around at the moment.
  • Had lunch with my sister C. to catch-up and talk. We hadn’t seen each other properly for a while, even though we live 15 minutes apart. We talked about that too.
  • Participated in the interprovincial ethics working group to provide an update about the interprovincial ethics committee.
  • Did the preparation and documentation for that committee’s next week session.
  • Discussed a new project with the client, a Ministry, to write a series of essays providing a vision on different aspects of the European data strategy as it relates to Dutch programmes and efforts, and desired impacts. This is a great opportunity to put together in a more structured way the arguments I have been using in the past four years on how to make great use of what the new European legal framework around data provides.
  • Discussed two potential new topics for the interprovincial ethics committee with a provincial policy officer, w.r.t strategic technologies combined with regional economic stimulation efforts.
  • Talked informally with someone inside a provincial organisation about plans to move away from Microsoft’s domination in their IT, and what that would take.
  • Had a Vietnamese lunch in the city with E and Y (her second try eating with sticks)

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